Tips for Selecting a Conflict Resolution Pathway

The Diag

If you are interested in meeting with an OSCR staff member to explore constructive ways to approach conflict without the other people involved in the conflict knowing that you’ve contacted a support resource, consider Conflict Coaching.

If you are interested in having a conversation with another person / group of people and would like a multipartial facilitator to help guide the conversation in the dialogue, consider Facilitated Dialogue.

If you would like a trained mediator to help you explore possible resolutions to a conflict with another person or people consider Mediation.

If you have specific ideas for things you’d like to see worked out, but you don’t want to have direct interaction with the other person involved, consider Shuttle Negotiation.

If you’ve been impacted by someone’s actions and want to talk to that person to understand what happened and have the harm repaired consider a Restorative Justice Circle.

If you have been involved with an alcohol or other drug-related incident and want to explore your AOD use and available resources, consider ICR-for-AOD.