Adaptable Conflict Resolution (ACR)

Adaptable Conflict Resolution (ACR)


  • Do you want to resolve a conflict with a UM student without getting that student “in trouble” with the University or the law?
  • Do you want to be empowered and supported in navigating conflicts in a way that is comfortable for you, and where you have agency in shaping process and outcomes?
  • Do you want to be able to define the parameters for how to address your conflict while utilizing conflict specialists?

If so, then Adaptable Conflict Resolution may meet your needs.  Services are free, private, and completely voluntary every step of the way.  They can be accessed for a variety of types of conflict, including roommate disputes, disagreements within or between student organizations, and other types of interpersonal conflict. Our ACR processes can be utilized if at least one U-M student is involved in the conflict at hand. 

OSCR offers a spectrum of services that may be tailored to meet individual circumstances or preferences. Services may be accessed by reaching out to OSCR by phone, email, online form, or walk-in to request a consultation. 



Tips for Selecting a Confict Resultion Pathway.

Adaptable Conflict Resolution Pathways

Conflict Coaching

Facilitated Dialogue

Restorative Justice Circles

Shuttle Negotiation

Social Justice Mediation