Formal Conflict Resolution (FCR)

Student Activities Building

The Formal Conflict Resolution (FCR) process occurs when a student is alleged to have violated the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities.  Both the complainant (the party alleging the violation) and the respondent (the student named in the complaint) will have the opportunity to meet with OSCR Staff to discuss options in the FCR process, and both are entitled to have an advisor present at any meetings with OSCR.

Formal Conflict Resolution is only available for Statement violations, but not all Statement violations have to proceed through FCR.  If both the complainant and the respondent are interested, they may attempt to resolve the situation through Adaptable Conflict Resolution.

If the complaint continues through the FCR process, the respondent has two options: to accept responsibility for the violations in the complaint, or to contest the complaint in an Arbitration.

Possible Next Step: Accepting Responsibility


Possible Next Step: Denying Responsibility


Sanctions (if applicable)

Appealing the Decision (if applicable)

Additional Information

Dismissal of Complaint

Due Process in Formal Conflict Resolution

False Accusations

Off Campus Violations of the Statement

Responding to a Complaint: FAQ