Office of Student Conflict Resolution

An appeals process is an essential safeguard for an imperfect human process that attempts very hard to be fair. The appeals process is available to each party. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the RC within ten academic calendar days after notification of the Dean of Students’ decision to accept or modify the recommendations resulting from the hearing. The Vice President for Student Life (VPSA) may waive the ten-day limitation when a late submission is reasonable.

The appeal will be reviewed by an Appeals Board composed of one student appointed by the Central Student Government (CSG), one faculty member appointed by the Faculty Senate, and one administrator appointed by the President. CSG, the Faculty Senate, and the President will each appoint one alternate member to the Appeals Board. 

Grounds for Appealing a Decision

  • Proper procedures were not followed 
  • The evidence clearly does not support the finding(s)
  • Sanctions/interventions are insufficient or excessive relative to the violation
  • There is new evidence not reasonably available at the time of the hearing.

Actions Available to the Appeals Board

  • Confirming the decision made through the hearing process
  • Altering the sanctions/interventions
  • Striking the initial finding of responsibility and/or sanctions/interventions and remanding to the original fact-finder for further consideration with corrective instructions from the Appeals Board
  • Ordering a new hearing before a new fact-finder. The VPSA may accept or modify the recommendation(s).

The VPSA may not modify sanctions/interventions to include suspension or expulsion. However, when expulsion is recommended, the VPSA may instead suspend the student.

Additional Information

The Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities