Office of Student Conflict Resolution

Experiencing conflict is healthy but can also be confusing or stressful. Students engaged in conflict resolution may wish to have an advisor, attorney, parents, or others provide support. The Statement outlines the role third-parties have in the conflict resolution process. Remember, OSCR is here to help!  OSCR has trained staff to assist members of the Michigan community with conflict resolution.

Advising a Student in an OSCR Process

Information for Parents, Family, Attorneys, and Friends

Tips for Resolving Academic Conflicts

Academic conflicts can be stressful and overwhelming for U of M students. It can be difficult to get these conflicts resolved independently while trying to keep up on reading, writing papers, and studying for exams. Fortunately, there are resources provided by OSCR that can help you resolve academic conflicts in a peaceful and socially just way. Some academic conflicts involve grade disputes with a professor. These can be challenging to experience on your own. OSCR does not handle grade disputes- these are handled by the Office of the Ombuds.

RA to RA: If I Knew then what I Know Now-Confronting Conflict among Residents Constructively

Every RA knows or quickly learns that this job is unpredictable. Each day brings a new adventure, duty situation, or conflict that we imagine could have never possibly happened anywhere else on this planet, ever. While we must learn to adapt and roll with the punches, there is some advice that is pretty standard when dealing with any kind of conflict. Here you will find some pieces of knowledge that returning RAs & Hall Directors swear by when confronting conflict on their floors and in their buildings. 

Facilitating Roommate Conflicts: Common Mistakes & Best Practices for RAs

As a resident advisor there are many situations, complications, and surprises that will occur throughout the year. One of the most common will be roommate conflicts, and in order to handle them effectively, resident advisors need to be equipped with the appropriate skills. The following article is going to outline some of the common mistakes resident advisors can easily make when facilitating a roommate conflict, and it will also give tips on how to successfully navigate the conversation to resolution.

Healthy Relationships through Communication

Relationships come in many different types.  Without effective communication, the relationship can break down and eventually fall apart. In this article, I am going to share a few tips on how to effectively communicate in a relationship to ensure it lasts.