Conflict Coaching

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Conflict Coaching is a one‐on‐one consultation process designed to assess and develop an individual’s communication skills and conflict management strategies. This can either be in response to a specific conflict, or is also available to those who simply want to strengthen their conflict resolution skills. 

In Conflict Coaching, you can:

• Get confidential assistance from an OSCR staff member who specializes in conflict resolution.

• Learn more about your communication and conflict management styles.

• Develop new options and a strategy for managing an existing conflict.

• Gain confidence in your own abilities to manage and resolve conflicts knowing that you have someone to support you through the experience.

Who’s involved?

• The individual seeking conflict coaching.

•Trained staff members from the Office of Student Conflict Resolution (“OSCR”).

How does it work?

A conflict coaching can look one of many ways:

• The OSCR staff member invites the service-seeker to describe the conflict as they understand it. The person seeking OSCR services will be provided with all the time and space they need to “tell their story”.

• The conversation may involve an exploration of the conflict with the objective of understanding different elements of the conflict and identifying optimal next steps to take toward resolving the conflict.

• The person seeking OSCR services (with the OSCR staff member’s support and coaching) may develop a realistic, achievable plan for how best to proceed.

• The OSCR staff member may invite final questions, reflections, and summarize the key take‐away points from the meeting. The person seeking OSCR services will be invited to schedule a follow‐up appointment if they choose.

These meetings can often look less formal, and more like a conversation. All of this is dependent upon the nature of the conflict and the desire of the person requesting services.