Office of Student Conflict Resolution

OSCR can assist a student in finding an advisor.  Per the Statement, “The MSA [Michigan Student Assembly]…has the option to develop a student peer advisor corps. These advisors will be available to any student party involved in Statement proceedings (excluding mediations).”  Upon request, OSCR staff members will endeavor to find an advisor for a student who requests one. 

If a student would like an advisor, the student must complete and sign a waiver permitting their advisor to have access to information about a student's involvement with OSCR.  This is because of the federal law, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), prohibits OSCR staff from releasing any information about a student’s involvement in the resolution process without the student’s written permission.

Advisors can:

  • Support and advise the student they are advising
  • Help individuals understand the resolution process and available options
  • Assist individuals in preparing for meetings, taking notes, framing questions, identifying witnesses, and gathering supporting materials

Advisors cannot:

  • Gain information about a case without explicit written permission from the student
  • Speak for or represent a student they are advising
  • Serve as both a witness and advisor
  • Engage in sideline conversations with OSCR staff (especially when the advisee is not present)
  • Question witnesses or make statements during arbitrations

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