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The Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities is a community-owned document that sets forth the University’s values and expectations for resolving conflicts and is intended to maintain a campus climate that supports learning for all students.  Similar to policies articulating standards for academic behavior within the University’s schools and colleges, the Statement sets forth the expectations for non-academic behavior for all undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

The U-M community has provided OSCR with the Resolution Process as a means of providing a timely, just, and educational response to behavior which “goes against the values of the University community”. (Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities)  Per the Statement: “The University considers the procedures for resolving disputes a part of its educational mission.”

OSCR’s resolution process is available for students, faculty, and staff members who have a conflict with a student. A University of Michigan community member can pursue formal conflict resolution (FCR) by filing a complaint against a student, and/or may pursue adaptable conflict resolution (ACR) by consulting with OSCR staff. A student, faculty member, or staff member may Request Conflict Resolution Services based upon information reported to that person. The individual does not have to have directly witnessed an incident in order to file a complaint. 

OSCR can assist with a wide variety of conflicts including interpersonal conflicts, conflicts within and between student groups, roommate or housemate conflicts, conflicts involving harm committed against students (including harassment, stalking, assault, theft), conflicts involving alcohol and other drugs, and even some conflicts with faculty or staff members. Consider contacting OSCR to discuss the situation and your available options. 

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