Office of Student Conflict Resolution

Under the UM Policy on Sexual Misconduct by Students, OSCR is responsible for facilitating sanctioning processes designed to eliminate the misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and remedy its effects, while supporting the University’s educational mission and Title IX obligations.  This is difficult work.  It’s also important work because students are relying on us to help make things right no matter the outcome of the investigation. 

As part of our commitment to evidence-based practice in this regard, we recently collaborated with local and national partners on a research project designed to provide information regarding the sanctioning practices being utilized in student sexual misconduct cases at institutions of higher education nationwide.  The results are now in and we look forward to using what we learn from this research as part of our comprehensive response to student sexual misconduct at UM. 

Please use the link below to review a summary of the research project and our key findings.  A full report discussing the findings and proposed recommendations will be available after April 1st.

Sexual Misconduct Sanctioning Survey-Briefing Sheet and Key Findings PDF

Additional Information

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