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About OSCR

The Office of Student Conflict Resolution is dedicated to assisting the Michigan Community with peaceful conflict resolution.  The links below outline our mission, vision, and foundational resources that shape our practice.

Mission & Vision

Our Work: Build Trust. Promote Justice. Teach Peace.

Foundational Resources that Shape our Practice

Participating in the Conflict Resolution Process

Our conflict resolution pathways, services, and procedures are designed to be student-centered and accessible to all members of our community.  Please review the topic hubs below to learn more about participating in the conflict resolution process.

Responding to a Complaint: Frequently Asked Questions

Requesting an Advisor

Serving as an Advisor

Serving as a Witness

Neglecting to Participate in the Conflict Resolution Process

Annual Reports

Per the Statement, "Statistical reports of actions taken through the Statement will be published following each academic term. These data will cover the number of complaints and the types of violations, resolutions, and sanctions/interventions." OSCR publishes this and other information related to its work in annual reports and other publications. Please choose a link below to download this information.

FAQs for Parents, Family, Attorneys, and Friends

Experiencing conflict is healthy but can also be confusing or stressful. Students engaged in conflict resolution may wish to have an advisor, attorney, parents, or others provide support. The Statement outlines the role third-parties have in the conflict resolution process.

Mission & Vision


Vision Statement

A safe and scholarly community in which students navigate conflict in a peaceful, socially just, and self-reflexive manner.

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Our Work

Build Trust.  

OSCR builds trust by conducting an operation that is educationally focused, student-driven, and community-owned

Teach Peace.

OSCR promotes justice by facilitating conflict resolution for the Michigan community and creating a just and safe campus climate

Promote Justice.

OSCR teaches peace by serving as a campus resource for conflict management 

Trust Matters, Peace Matters, Justice Matters