Sexual & Gender-Based Misconduct Programs

Adaptable Resolution

Adaptable Resolution (AR) for Students is a voluntary and restorative process used to address harm within the community stemming from sexual and gender-based misconduct. Through shared-decision making and active engagement, Parties, alongside trained facilitators, are invited to engage in a spectrum of pathways designed to promote agency, equity, and collaboration. These pathways create opportunities for meaningful accountability, repair of harm, and education to prevent future harm. 

STARRSA Active Psychoeducation

The Science-based Treatment, Accountability, and Risk Reduction for Sexual Assault (STARRSA) Active Psychoeducation (AP) is a program designed to address sexual harm in a college student population. The STARRSA AP Program utilizes a multi-modal, empirically informed approach to identify knowledge gaps related to risk factors and increase knowledge about protective factors of students who have engaged in sexual misconduct. 

Review and Reintegration

The Review and Reintegration (R & R) program provides a pathway to a restorative return to campus for a student found responsible for sexual harm, supporting both the student and the campus community. Review and Reintegration utilizes Circles of Support and Accountability to offer space for students to reflect on learning, determine the appropriateness of lifting sanctions, identify resources and support for sustained success, and plan any additional measures needed to ensure successful reintegration into the community.