Office of Student Conflict Resolution

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About OSCR

The Office of Student Conflict Resolution is dedicated to assisting the Michigan Community with peaceful conflict resolution.  The links below outline our mission, vision, and foundational resources that shape our practice.

Mission & Vision

Our Work: Build Trust. Promote Justice. Teach Peace.

Foundational Resources that Shape our Practice

Participating in the Conflict Resolution Process

Our conflict resolution pathways, services, and procedures are designed to be student-centered and accessible to all members of our community.  Please review the topic hubs below to learn more about participating in the conflict resolution process.

Responding to a Complaint: Frequently Asked Questions

Requesting an Advisor

Serving as an Advisor

Serving as a Witness

Neglecting to Participate in the Conflict Resolution Process

Neglecting to participate in the Conflict Resolution Process

If you have an open file in our office and you ignore correspondence from OSCR, future employers, graduate schools, or professional organizations making an inquiry with OSCR may be informed, as allowed by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, that you have an open disciplinary case in our office and that you failed to complete your sanctions.

Educational Function of OSCR

OSCR’s processes are fully independent of any court-related processes or outcomes. The courts have consistently recognized the distinct differences between a university dispute resolution process and the criminal justice process.