Office of Student Conflict Resolution

Scope of the Violations

Behavior which occurs in the city of Ann Arbor, on University controlled property, or at University sponsored events/programs may violate the Statement. Behavior which occurs outside the city of Ann Arbor or outside University controlled property may violate the Statement only if the behavior poses an obvious and serious threat or harm to any member(s) of the University community.

Student Responsibilities

Along with rights come certain responsibilities. Students at the University are expected to act consistently with the values of the University community and to obey local, state, and federal laws.

Amend the Statement

The University of Michigan's Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities ( is a document authored by the University of Michigan community which describes the expectations the community has set out for itself, and which all students agree to uphold when they accept admission to the University. It is an evolving document which is reviewed every few years, at which point community members have an opportunity to recommend amendments. The 2009-2010 academic year is an amendment year.

Student Rights

Students at the University have the same rights and protections under the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Michigan as other citizens. These rights include freedom of expression, press, religion, and assembly. The University has a long tradition of student activism and values freedom of expression, which includes voicing unpopular views and dissent. As members of the University community, students have the right to express their own views, but must also take responsibility for according the same right to others.