Office of Student Conflict Resolution

Mission & Vision


Vision Statement

A safe and scholarly community in which students navigate conflict in a peaceful, socially just, and self-reflexive manner.

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Waiver to Share Student Record

Since OSCR protects your confidentiality to the extent permitted by FERPA law, you must complete and sign a waiver permitting your records to be shared with another person.

Related Procedures to The Statement

This outline of related procedures respond to behaviors which are inconsistent with the values of the University community; and it suggests possible sanctions/interventions which are intended to educate and to safeguard members of the University community.

Sanctions and Interventions

Sanctions/interventions are designed to promote the University’s educational mission. Sanctions/interventions may also serve to promote safety or to deter students from behavior which harms or threatens people or property or is motivated by bias because of membership in a group listed in II¶2.


The University will use the following procedures to respond to behavior which goes against the values of the University community as defined in this Statement. The University considers the procedures for resolving disputes a part of its educational mission and is committed to a process which provides both peer review and mediation. Persons who have questions about the Statement should contact the Resolution Coordinator (RC) who provides support to all participants.