Office of Student Conflict Resolution

The Office of Student Conflict Resolution provides a variety of programs and services designed to support a safe, just and peaceful community, and to help Michigan students learn how to manage and resolve conflict peacefully.

Help!  I'm in a Conflict

Conflicts Involving Other Students

Conflict between Faculty/Staff and Students

Student Sexual & Gender-Based Misconduct & Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence

Off Campus Conflict

Conflict Outside OSCR's Authority

Ways to Resolve My Conflict


Students are expected to comply with published University policies. The following behaviors, for example, contradict the values of the University community and are subject to action under this Statement.

Emergency Suspensions

“If a student's actions pose an immediate danger to any member of the University community, the [Vice President of Student Life or a designee may immediately suspend the student pending a meeting. Except in extraordinary circumstances that meeting will be scheduled within two academic calendar days. At this meeting, the student will be informed of the nature of the alleged violation, presented with available evidence, and given the opportunity to make a statement and present evidence.