Office of Student Conflict Resolution


Are you interested in assisting other Michigan students resolve conflicts peacefully?  Do you have a passion for social justice and restorative justice? Want to learn more about facilitating meetings with students about alcohol and other drugs? If you answered yes to these questions, then consider becoming the newest member of the Office of Student Conflict Resolution!

OSCR provides employment opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students. Students have robust involvement in OSCR’s work from being the first point of contact to those inquiring about OSCR, to meeting with those seeking services, to actively coordinating and facilitating conflict resolution through OSCR’s multiple pathways. Work-study recipients are particularly encouraged to apply for vacant postings. 

Currently, OSCR is hiring Student Conflict Resolution Facilitators.

The bulk of the student facilitator’s responsibilities will be meeting with students involved with incidents related to alcohol and other drugs and related case management.

Additional responsibilities include the following:

  • Facilitate informational meetings with students to orient them to OSCR conflict resolution services.
  • Review students’ rights and uphold institutional values as articulated in The Statement of Student Rights & Responsibilities (SSRR).
  • Facilitate students’ chosen resolution pathway.
  • Utilize conduct management software and assist in database management.
  • Complete tasks associated with student meetings, communications, and other administrative operations.
  • Manage front desk, greet people warmly, communicate via phone and email.
  • Conduct student disciplinary background checks and report the findings to relevant parties.
  • Serve as Campus Security Authorities and Responsible Employees.
  • Support and refer students who disclose crisis/traumatic experiences, as outlined in the University of Michigan Policy & Procedures on Student Sexual & Gender-Based Misconduct & Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence (The Policy).
  • Work individually and as a part of departmental teams to identify and complete projects related to achievement of departmental goals.
  • Deliver conflict resolution educational workshops.
  • Represent OSCR at campus outreach events.
  • Other duties as assigned.

What skills/knowledge could the student gain from this position?

  • Facilitation experience and conflict resolution experience that is widely applicable to current and future leadership positions and personal relationships. 
  • An increased understanding of social justice, restorative justice, due process, student development, and/or motivational interviewing and their wide applicability in society. 
  • Experience designing, planning, and implementing events, programs, workshops, projects, etc.

How to Apply

Please submit your application on the Student Employment website

Additional Information

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